Species: P. Cromis |  Genus: Pogonias  |  Family: Sciaenidae

The Black Drum ( P. Cromis), also known as The Drummer, is the largest species of the drum family and are well known for their incredible adaptability, being able to thrive in nearly any water environment.  They are found far offshore in cold, deep ocean waters, in hot shoals so shallow their bodies are exposed to the air and even within the muddiest of flood waters and brackish estuaries.  Due to its near limitless range, it is no wonder that the Black Drum is one of the most plentiful fish found along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Most Black Drum caught weigh between 30 to 40 pounds, with the world record weighing in at 146lbs.  The Texas minimum length is 14 inches and the bag limit is 5.   It is encouraged to release larger drum, as their flesh is coarse and undesirable and they are at a prime age for breeding.  Smaller drum, less than 5 lbs and caught in cold water, are typically considered the best for eating with a delicate, flaky flesh comparable to flounder.

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