Species: Paralichthys lethostigma |  Genus: Paralichthys  | Family: Paralichthyidae


The Southern Flounder, also known as The Flatty, is a species of flounder found on the Eastern and Gulf Coast of the United States. It is both a popular sport and commercially valuable species.  The Flatty is a "left-eyed flounder", meaning the left side has a dark pigment while the underside is usually white.  The months of November and December are a great time to fish for flounder as they make their annual migration to nearshore gulf waters and can be found in large numbers in and around passes leading to the Gulf.

Flounder can be fished by rod and reel, or by gig. When fishing with rod and reel, light to medium tackle is best for flounder. Flounder prefer live to dead bait and live fingerling mullet pulled slowly along the bottom is arguably the best method for consistently catching flounder. Killifish (referred to locally as mud minnows) fished in the same way is also very productive. Both mullet and mud minnows can be taken for bait by using a cast net or seine.  Artificial lures can also be used successfully and over mud and sand bottoms, soft plastics such as Gulps and Mister twister grub tails can be very effective.

Gigging, also known as Floundering, offers another effective way to harvest flounder. Flounder enter shallow flats to feed at night and can be seen with a light in the shallow clear water. This method is more like hunting than fishing and makes for an exciting night on the water.

The flounder's is arguably the best table fare of any fish found in Galveston bay.  Flounder can be prepared in many ways. Broiling the fish with butter, lemon juice and favorite seasoning is popular. They are also very good fried. Many other great ways to prepare flounder can be found with a quick internet search.   The flounder is an abundant fish in Galveston Bay and likelihood of finding them in a Frenzy is high. Get in touch today to enjoy a great day chasing tasty flounder.

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