Species: Bagre marinus |  Genus: Caranx  | Family: Ariidae

The Gafftopsail Catfish (Bagre marinus) are abundant in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean waters.  Infamous for its long, venomous spines which can cause painful wounds, the Gafftopsail is known as a fierce fighter by anglers and sought after for the challenge alone.  Unlike most catfish, Gafftopsail feed along the entire water column, but live among jetties, piers and reefs.

Commonly Gafftopsails range in size from 12–16 inches and weigh around  1–2 pounds.  Larger fish can reach lengths of 27 inches and weights of 10 pounds or more.  While Texas has no bag limit, it does require a minimum size of 14inches.  Gafftopsails, while not inedible are considered very poor fair, due to the extreme difficulty in preparation

and small amount of flesh.

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