Species: Scomber falcatus |  Genus: Trachinotus  | Family: Carangidae

Pompano (Scomber falcatus) are very common in the Texas Gulf Coast and highly sought after for their delicious meat by both anglers and commercial fisheries.  Fortunately, due to their incredible growth rate, they are sustainable breed and fishing is possible year round.  Pompano are found primarily in the deep surf and swell in numbers during the cooler months when they enter their spawning season.  Feeding upon sand fleas, clams and shrimp, Pompano respond best to live bait and due to their small mouths, tackle should likewise be small.

Currently in Texas, there is no daily bag limit and no minimum or maximum length.  This is due mainly to Pompano schools staying in deeper waters and being a bit more difficult to fish by individual anglers.  Most Pompano weigh less than 3 pounds and are about 17 inches in length.   The largest on record was 26 inches long.

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