Catch of the Month: Big Speckled Trout

A man posing with a speckled trout in his hand.

Also known as Specks, speckled trouts are a popular fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Atlantic coast of the United States. In Maryland, the state record speckled trout is 13 pounds! These fish are silver in color and have olive green and black spots that run to their tail. Here's everything you need to know about catching a speckled trout.

  1. Locate The Fish

The first thing to keep in mind is to find clear water that's greenish-blue in color. Next, search for slicks on the water surface. These are oil droplets that you can see floating on the water. Speckled trout create slicks when they feed on bait, and certain oils and digestive fluids are released, which are visible to anglers. They tend to have a strong fragrance or odor, which helps simplify the locating process. Remember that your catch might not be directly under a slick, as the fish tend to swim away. Before luring your bait, think of where the fish is possibly swimming.

2. Get A Jig Head

This should be your go-to lure for fishing a speckled trout. The versatile lure can be used in all parts of the water column. Trout's are most commonly found in the middle section of the water column, but they are also found in the top and lower parts. Using a 1/8 ounce will ensure a slower falling motion perfect for wintertime catch. During the winters, the speckled trout move in slow swimming motions; this is why a slow sinking lure works well.

3. Moving to The Lures


If you're using a jig head, one of the most popular lures to use is a Z-Man Diezel Minnow. You'll need to focus on soft plastics. Other common options are D.O.A. Shrimp ¼-ounce in glow, 5″ Gulp Jerk Shad, Rapala Skitter Prop, and the Clouser Minnow fly. All these lures are slow sinking to match the movements of a bigger catch.

4. Go Slow and Easy

If you sense a big catch in the area, you'll need to take your time with them. Cover every inch of the way and use a slow sinking motion to maintain the waters' rhythm. This might take longer than expected, but the key is to stick to it until you get your reward.

A man walking with a huge speckled trout in his hand.

5. Choose The Correct Leader

Unlike other big fish, you won't need an extremely heavy leader for speckled trouts. These fish have two sharp front teeth, but they only grab the bait and can't cut through. If you're looking to catch a trout that ranges within five to eight pounds, then a two-pound leader will work just as well. For a bigger catch, we recommend using 30 inches of a15 pound fluorocarbon leader.

6. Lighting Conditions

Low light areas are the best for jumbo sea trouts because of active feeding, which helps them catch the bait more easily. During the winter months, you can fish for trophy trouts at nighttime. This is when the water is more visibly clear, and you can notice all their movements.

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