How to Prepare For a Fishing Trip

Is your best friend moving to another city for college and you want to plan the perfect farewell for them? Take them fishing!

Taking a fishing trip is the ultimate bonding experience for anything from a day-time bachelor party to an impromptu family vacation. It’s the best way to make memories that will last you a lifetime with a picturesque view that’ll surely leave an imprint on your mind.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and plan a fishing trip with your friends using these tips to help you enjoy your time to the fullest.  

Pick the right spot

Finding the right water body is the most important part of making your fishing experience memorable. You wouldn’t want to get on a boat if there’s barely any fish to catch in the water, only to return disappointed.

Picking the right spot is also necessary to assess whether it’s accessible for everyone and whether the accommodations are nearby or not.

Other than that, knowing the right water body will help you account for the weather so you’re prepared to postpone the trip or make preparations for a bumpy ride in case of bad weather conditions.

Know which species to target

Imagine sitting on a boat all day, not catching anything because the bait you brought wasn’t the right kind for the fish…

Knowing the species you want to target is necessary because that also plays a huge role in the equipment and bait you’re going to bring—for instance, if you’re looking for speckled trout, you can use topwater artificial baits or live shrimp if that’s your preference. On the other hand, dead shrimp aren’t great bait for specks. Similarly, a lake trip for bass won’t be that productive if the bait you brought is used to catch catfish.

Read up on the destination to learn about the kind of species present in the water body and how to target them.

Gear up

Fishing is not a hit-or-miss sport. It requires understanding and patience, but also an active response time once things get interesting—any moment can become an eventful one because once you locate the fish many times you only have a little time to react.

This is why your gear should be organized in a logical way for situations where time is of the essence. You need the right rod, the right bait, and a good reel just in case the quarry is especially feisty.

Other than that, you should also have a first-aid kit in case of emergencies, scissors or pliers,  some snacks, and a few cold ones to enjoy with the boys. You should also keep sunscreen if you don’t want to look like a burnt crisp by the time you’re done.

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