Species: A. probatocephalus |  Genus: Archosargus  |  Family: Sparidae

The Sheepshead (A. probatocephalus), also known as the Convict Fish for it's distinct black and white striping is distinct among Texas fish with large sharp spines, razor-edged gill covers and it's bizarre, human-like jutting teeth that it uses to feed upon crustaceans, mollusks and sand fleas.   They are found all along the US East coast, but are predominant within the Texas Gulf Coast, and make their homes along pilings, rocks and jetties.

Sheepshead typically reach lengths of 10-20 inches, though lengths of more than 30 inches are not unheard of.  Adults range in weight from 3 lbs to 15 lbs or more.  Though they can be difficult to clean, Sheepshead have excellent meat.  Texas has a bag limit of 5 Sheepshead and a minimum length of 15 inches.


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