Species: S. maculatus |  Genus: Scomberomorus  | Family: Scombridae

Spanish Mackerel (S. maculates), also known as Smack, are found in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  Known for forming vast, fast-moving schools in the early autumn as they migrate southward to spend the winter and early spring along the Texas Gulf Coast, Spanish Mackerel are known for being unpredictable as large congregations of fish can be found in an area one day and gone the next.  Equipped with sharp teeth, as well as spines and armored gill covers, Smacks are best handled with gloves or grips.

Although Spanish Mackerel vary greatly in size, they average around 2-3 pounds, though very large specimens have been known to weigh as much as 9-10 pounds.   Texas requires Spanish Mackerel catches to be over the 14 inch length minimum, but is quite generous with a 15 bag limit.

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