Species: Cynoscion nebulosus aka “Speck”  |  Genus: Cynoscion |  Family: Sciaenidae

The Spotted Sea Trout, also known as Speckled Trout or Speck, is a common game fish found in the southern United States along estuaries and coasts of Gulf of Mexico.  Despite its name, the Spotted Sea Trout is not a member of the trout family (Salmonidae), but rather a member of the Drum family (Sciaenidae).  The Speck is an abundant species in and around the Texas Gulf Coast and the likelihood of finding a school of Specks in a Frenzy is high. 


Specks typically reside along coastal islands and within brackish rivers and bayous, where they often migrate during cold weather.  Specks can be caught year around in Galveston Bay, with larger specimens being caught during winter.  More consistent catches happen during the months of May, June and July. 


A popular species for recreational fishing in coastal waters of the southeastern United States, adult Speckled Trout typically 

reach 19-32 inches in length and 3-15 pounds in weight.   Occasionally, a Speck is caught that expands the upper boundaries in size such as the IGFA All Tackle World Record and Florida State record fish caught in 1995 that weighed 17.7 pounds.

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