Species: L. surinamensis |  Genus: Lobotes   | Family: Lobotidae

Tripletail (L. surinamensis) also known as the flasher, are found in the Texas Gulf Coast in the Summer and Fall, from April to October.  In Galveston waters, Tripletail are usually found in the open ocean but can also be found near estuaries and bays, and are especially attracted to objects or debris floating in the water and are known to congregate around shipwrecks, support structures and buoys.  Tripletail prefer shrimp and crab as bait, and can often be spotted floating just under the surface near surface or subsurface structures.

Large Tripletail can achieve weights of more than 40 pounds and lengths of over 3 feet, though more common sizes are between 2 and 16 pounds.  In Texas, the daily bag limit is 3 and Tripletail has a minimum length of 17 inches.  Tripletail are known for their fine meat, which is comparable to flounder and highly sought after.

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